Are you living for yourself or for the validation of other people?

Social media is amazing. It’s a platform where you can share your ideas, raise your voice etc. On the other hand it is also the most damaging aspect of our generation. Are you really living your life or are you living it in a way which shows people that you’re living it? We’re living a false extravagant life to receive validation from a couple strangers.

When was the last time you enjoyed a family vacation without caring about taking pictures for the gram? Because, how are people gonna know that you went and stayed in a lavish hotel, right?

When was the last time you cried your heart out on a breakup or tried to talk the problem out instead of tweeting or posting on social media so that somehow it can be seen by your ex or so it gets a lot of retweets and can give you a sense of pride? How can downing yourself on the internet in front of millions of strangers make you feel proud?

Ever been on a concert and not snap chatted the whole thing? Ask yourself, did you do it to document memories or to boast about it?

Ask yourself if it really makes you happy to take 100 pictures for the OOTD picture and editing it through atleast three different apps to get the perfect insta worthy picture. We just do it because we have to follow the trend and show people the glamorised version of our life, which in reality doesn’t exist.

What people show online isn’t everything. She posted a picture of salad on snapchat doesn’t mean she didn’t eat chocolates and ice cream because she craved them. A fashion blogger doesn’t always stay dressed. She also owns sweat pants. Just know that there’s more to the story than social media. There are days when that beauty blogger has pimples on her face and messy hair. There are days when the fashion blogger doesn’t get out of her pajamas. It’s all goody.

Whenever you’re scrolling through Instagram you get hit by a wave of depression that everyone’s life is really perfect and we’re here rolled in our blanket scrolling through Instagram. The fact is, it’s a falsified life that involves only their best moments which are filtered and edited. No one’s this happy, no one has a perfect life. They just don’t show the bad side of it. They put on a smile, hiding depression with it and we think their life is lit.

The next time you’re about to post on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter think for a while. Ask yourself whether you’re posting it just for the sake of some likes and fake praises or did you genuinely enjoy the moment and you want to share it with others. Make sure you live your life up to your own standards and not those that others have created for you to follow. Even if your social media profile doesn’t seem to be as blossomy or colourful as some other person, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to show everything to other people. You don’t have to always stay dressed up with loads of makeup because any moment can be gram worthy so you gotta look perfect. Don’t hide your mess and show the best. Learn to be secure and proud of your own life and just stay low-key and stay happy. ♥️

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